Our Story

Welcome to the first of its kind, a retreat of co-living and co-healing nestled in the heart of Nha Trang. SEP’ON HEARTFULNESS CENTRE embodies a vision of harmonious living with both human and nature.

How it all started

Founded by Thao Bui, a dedicated mindfulness and meditation teacher and mentor, sound healing practitioner, world traveler, and nature enthusiast, who discovered her passion for meditation amid diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes. Thao’s global adventures led to a profound connection with nature, sparking a love affair that reshaped her lifestyle.

Captivated by the enchanting beauty of nature and the warmth of the people in Nha Trang, her hometown, Thao felt a strong desire to make her life in this peaceful place. Falling deeply in love with the city, she made the heartfelt decision to settle there and establish a community rooted in mindfulness and well-being.

Founder Thao Bui

Embracing sustainable living, SEP’ON HEARTFULNESS CENTRE was founded, envisioning a place where people from all walks of life could escape modern chaos and rediscover the essence of being through mindfulness, sound healing, yoga and immersion in nature.

At the retreat center’s core, we seek to demystify mindfulness, making it accessible to all. Through workshops and retreats, we aim to share the transformative power of mindfulness, not just for personal well-being but as a key to a harmonious existence with the planet. SEP’ON HEARTFULNESS CENTRE became a refuge, inspiring a community dedicated to conscious living, fostering a ripple effect of mindfulness and sustainability, one breath, and one mindful choice at a time.

Our story unfolds as a journey marked by a commitment to making the world a more peaceful place, where the practice of mindfulness becomes a practical and achievable part of everyday life.

Our values

Compassion is the heartbeat of our interactions, fostering a space where understanding and empathy thrive.

Sincerity guides our intentions, ensuring that every action and word reflects our genuine commitment to the well-being of all.

Contentment is not just a goal but a practice, encouraging gratitude and appreciation for the present moment.

Authenticity is our guiding light, illuminating the path to true connection and a shared commitment to living in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

In embracing compassion, sincerity, contentment, and authenticity, we are not just a destination; we are a journey. A journey towards mindfulness, healing, and a meaningful life.

Join us in Nha Trang, where humans and nature live in perfect harmony, and the pursuit of equanimity becomes a shared adventure.

The experiences for you to explore

Sepon Living space

Home and Shelter

Our sustainable architecture and lifestyle are not only kind to the environment but also kind to your soul.

Sepon healing space with mindfulness practicing

Mindfulness and Heartfulness

Woven the philosophies of Mindfulness and Heartfulness into the very fabric of everyday life.

Yoga and breathwork practicing

Yoga and Breathwork

Yoga sessions are offered with your stay to help you align your body and mind, fostering inner peace.

Sound healing meditation

Sound Healing Meditation

Sound healing and meditation sessions are offered privately, fill the air with soothing vibrations, reawakening your spirit.

Communal Space

The Garden: Tranquil Bar and Café

Our communal space is the perfect blend of a coffee shop and cocktails bar where nature meets sustainability.

Mindfulness retreats and workshops

Retreats & Workshops

Workshops and retreats are held monthly to connect like-minded souls and create a supportive community.